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Freedom 9T Cookie Painting

Life is better with cookies and art




Want to know more about my Cookie Paintings?

I painted my cookie paintings for my dear friend
Sharif Ball. He and his friends Clay and Emelio
own a cookie company with a delivery service called Spellbound Kookies based in Seattle WA and I am very lucky to be part of the team. My contribution is embedding the cookies in ART.

to get the most delicious unique and innovative KOOKIES in the world and to order a print of my ART WORK.

What are Spellbound Kookies?

Spellbound Kookies are hand-made,
unique, special and addictive pastries
and art in themselves, and the fact that Spellbound Kookies not "only" offers these unique cookies, but also tailor-made art, makes Spellbound Kookies stand out from everything I know.

Want to know more about Sharif Ball?

I consider myself incredibly happy to have the
opportunity to work with them and I don’t
know anybody else who is as supportive and
generous as my friend Sharif. I would like to
mention here that he is also the best cook and
baker and cheesemaker in the world and
that he always develops new ideas with enthusiasm and surpasses himself. An incredible man!

Want to know more about the art work?

My cookie art works are a mixture of drawings, digital painting, and collage, in which I can try
myself out without limitation. I start with the cookie that I want to present and an idea and then the image and the colors come about without any real planning. One step leads to another and this is how the picture emerges. I love it! It's a bit of a challenge to start with a concept and turn it into something of your own. Every time I am amazed at the result
that I did not see coming before, and I am filled with enthusiasm how art is created by itself.

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